The man who was rumored to be close to Desiree was accused of embezzling Rp380 million in cash

Jakarta, Insertlive

Calvino Samudra and his sister Calvina were reported by a business partner for alleged fraud and embezzlement.

“Fraud and embezzlement articles 338-372 annual criminal threat. My client initially didn’t know them at all, my client’s relative, Haris Maulana Akbar, introduced them to both that they are business competent skincare and when Calvino met him there was a proposal Company Profile, company management, human resources, finance to certificates in his name, “said Siti Farhani Djamal when met in Jakarta, Thursday (8/4).

“They promise that the product skin care will have a turnover of Rp1 billion with a contract containing 400 million and only dp 200 million. Calvino’s stature is promising, he also shows a certificate to be suitable for cooperation, he is confused about the transfer, he disappeared from January. We ask for justice, October 2020, Get to know Calvino one month before September or August, if our communication continues but he tries to convince him, “he continued.

Siti added that before reporting on Calvino and Calvina, he was has posed a threat to both of them but was not responded to. Even Siti’s social media accounts were blocked from both of them.

“Before reporting the report, I gave a warning that until yesterday there was no good faith I submitted a law request but it was not replied to. I already feel that I was blocked from Calvino and Calvina. We are pure business matters have nothing to do with Mami Desiree. Mr. Harris also doesn’t want to do anything, I asked him before to his house but not l“I see there are staffing activities there,” said Siti

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“Loss of Rp. 200 million dp, Rp. 50 million in printing errors box skin care, IDR 30 million there launching after event there is no activity whatsoever. The victim cannot appear because it has been authorized by lawyers, “he continued.

Furthermore, Siti said that Calvino took the name of a well-known lawyer as his attorney. However, when confirmed, it turned out that the unnamed lawyer said he had not received a power of attorney from Calvino or Calvina.

“Calvino said in January if there is anything please contact me lawyer but lawyerhe said there was no power of attorney. We ask for an accountability from Calvino, “he said.


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