The man who was beaten by a young man in Linares dies | Radio Jaén

The man who was admitted to the San Agustín de Linares Hospital after receiving a beating dies. A young man was arrested this Saturday as the alleged perpetrator of the aggression suffered by a man in the middle of a public thoroughfare, although This Sunday, according to police sources, he remains in prison accused of murder. The events, which occurred in the town of Linares, as detailed by the National Police, caused numerous contusions to the victim, who managed to reach to the home of his ex-partner to be later transferred to the hospital, where he was operated on for the very serious injuries suffered. The doctors feared for his life since his arrival at the hospital.

According to the National Police Corps, it was the sister of the attacked who raised the alarm about what happened so that the investigation could begin.

The agents identified the alleged aggressor, a 25-year-old youth with a police record who was located and detained in the vicinity of his home. Allegedly, the reason for the brutal beating was a debt of 300 euros. The arrested man was brought to justice and his admission to prison was ordered. The victim suffered extremely serious injuries such as a ruptured spleen, pneumothorax and several fractured ribs that have ultimately led to his death.


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