The man took the symptoms of COVID-19 for indigestion and died in his sleep: People: From life:

A resident of the English city of Herne Bay, Kent, said her father mistook the symptoms of COVID-19 for an upset stomach and died in his sleep. Reported by KentOnline.

Michelle Keane’s 60-year-old father and mother contracted the coronavirus in November – a month after she gave birth to her daughter. The couple did not know they had contracted the coronavirus because they did not experience common symptoms. “They were just getting better when Mom woke up one morning and found that Dad had died in his sleep,” recalls Michelle.

Postmortem examination revealed COVID-19 in the man. Then Michelle insisted that her mother get tested. An examination at the hospital showed a critically low level of oxygen in the blood. Doctors say that if the patient had not gone to the doctors that day and went to bed, she might not have woken up. She was treated in the hospital for two weeks and has already returned home, where she is recovering from her illness.

Michelle spoke about the loss to remind others of the dangers of coronavirus. She urged not to forget about precautions, in particular, not to leave the house once again, wash hands and wear protective masks.

Previously reportedthat a resident of the English city of Bournemouth, Dorset, suffered a leg amputation after he developed a blood clot as a result of infection with the coronavirus. He stressed that he was absolutely healthy before the coronavirus disease.

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