The man spoke about the unexpected failure of the MacBook Pro in the cabin –

The MacBook could not withstand the pressure exerted on it by the back of the chair. The fact is that the passenger sitting in front of the laptop owner Pat Cassidy (Pat Cassidy), the passenger decided to throw the chair back. Due to physical impact, the MacBook screen is completely out of order.

Cassidy tried to ask the airline whose flight she was flying for compensation for damage (and it came out considerable, because Apple laptops are quite expensive). However, Delta Airlines refused to pay cash. The injured man noticed that there was no memo in the cabin that the manipulation of passengers with the seat could somehow damage other people’s devices, so they should be careful.

As a result, the airline expressed its regrets to Cassidy and offered him bonus 7500 miles. What do you think, should Delta Airlines have to pay compensation to a man for a damaged laptop?

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