The man boarded the bus with a snake around his mouth instead of a veil

According to Manchester Evening News, a man with a snake boarded a bus from Swinton to Manchester city center on Monday. He did not put on the obligatory veil and instead had his face wrapped around a choke.

In the pictures taken by the fellow passengers, it can be seen that the snake also explored the surroundings and for some time wound around one of the poles.

“At first I thought he had a really unusual veil,” one of the passengers told the Manchester newspaper. According to him, however, the presence of the snake on the bus rather amused most people.

The Manchester Transport Company expressed less understanding for the man’s behavior. “We expect all passengers to abide by government rules and cover their mouths and noses in public transport in an appropriate way,” said a company spokeswoman.

According to her, passengers do not have to buy medical mouthpieces and can cover their nose and mouth with home-made drapes, scarves, shawls or other textiles.

“Although this regulation leaves some room for interpretation, we do not believe that it applies to snake skin – especially when it is still attached to the snake,” the spokeswoman emphasized.

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