The male star started work and went back to the rental office in Shanghai, “the house turned into ruins” and was dumbfounded to see the total destruction-Entertainment-China Times News

Actor Take Cai Youxun (铁克) used to be a radio host. In the past, he had the experience of performing commercials and promotional videos. In recent years, he has served as an event host and traveled between Taiwan and the mainland. It was a mess, and the wooden frame in the courtyard was blown off, making him say “I thought I was in the ruins at one point.” The dire situation also received unanimous sympathy from netizens.

Cai Youxun said on the social platform today (28th) that many people will start work on the fifth day of the new year. “My start is different from others.” After finishing his work in Taiwan, he flew to Shanghai. He didn’t expect to find something when he returned to the rental office No, “arrived at the rental office in Shanghai last night… I found one of my slippers at the main entrance… and another one at the main entrance…then the main entrance was open…”, he explained that the rental office has three doors, There was no door lock on the outer layer, so it could only be locked. The tiled floor was covered with soil, the plastic shed was completely destroyed, the supporting wooden frame was crumbling, and the flower pots and other items were tilted to and fro.

He had no choice but to laugh at himself: “I once thought that I came to a haunted house or a ruin. Did any big storms happen in Shanghai this month?” Facing the mess of the house, Cai Youxun quickly cheered up, “Okay, I won’t say it anymore, I want to start work.” 』Tidy up!” Recently, the cold snap hit, and the temperature across Taiwan dropped sharply. The lowest temperature in all counties and cities fell below 10 degrees. The mainland area was also affected by this wave of cold air. Cai Youxun said that the nighttime temperature in Shanghai is only 2 degrees, and we need to tidy up in this kind of weather. It must not be easy. He reluctantly revealed that “friends who have been to my house saw the photos…laughing like crazy”, and he can only comfort himself optimistically that he is removing the old and bringing in the new. Cai Youxun told “China Times News Network”: “The former owner used plastic sheets and bamboo to build the courtyard roof with his bare hands. He thought it would last until I rented it for a year… who knows.”

Actor Cai Youxun uploaded a “disaster situation” in the rented house. (Photo/Take Cai Youxun facebook)

Cai Youxun has filmed many TV dramas in the past, and played a supporting role in “True Love Now”. He said that after the filming, he did not have any drama appointments. He was introduced by a friend to work in a skin care company. At that time, his colleagues did not know that he was an actor, so he made a A month later, he received an offer from his boss to resign. Only then did his colleagues in the company know his identity, and the boss even gave him a piece of clothing, which moved him very much.

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