The Malaysia U-23 National Team is Called to Win the Bronze Medal at the 2021 SEA Games even though the match against the U-23 Indonesian National Team has not yet been held, these are the real facts! : Okezone Ball

TIMNAS Malaysia U-23 said to have won a bronze medal SEA Games 2021 even though the match against Indonesian National Team U-23 not held yet. This was conveyed by the Malaysia U-23 national team fanbase account, which is known to be provocative, @malayantiger2.

“Training DAY!!! Malaysia is certain to get a bronze medal. Malaysia is the champion,” wrote the @malayantiger2 account in their latest upload, while showing a photo of the schedule for the U-23 Indonesian National Team vs. Malaysia U-23 National Team.

The account above is a secondary account from However, the account just disappeared from circulation after receiving reports from Indonesian netizens.

For your information, the account often issues provocations aimed at fans of the Indonesian national team. When the account is temporarily inoperable, they use the @malayantiger2 account to provoke.

The latest upload of the @malayantiger2 account also provoked netizens in the country to speak up. They asked the admin of the account above not to close the comment column if the Malaysian U-23 National Team fell from the U-23 Indonesian National Team.

“Later, if you lose, don’t close the comments,” wrote the account @abdmuin059.

“Be careful. Don’t close the comment later, ”continued the @mandhoeng account.

One thing is for sure, the men’s soccer match for the bronze medal SEA Games 2021 not yet underway. The match will be held at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam on Sunday (22/5/2022) at 16.00 WIB.

Indonesian National Team U-23

Coach Indonesian National Team U-23, Shin Tae-yong, dizzy to arrange the players because the Indonesian U-23 national team only has 15 players left. However, he remains determined to present a bronze medal for the Garuda Muda squad.

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“We are preparing well for the match against Malaysia later. Although three players are suspended from red cards and Egy is also injured. We believe the players will fight hard to win the bronze medal,” said Shin Tae-yong quoting from the official PSSI website.

“This condition makes it difficult for us to determine players in the match. However, there is a good process and the will of the Indonesian U-23 national team players is very strong. So, of course we can pass this difficult situation well,” concluded Shin Tae-yong.

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