The main filming stage of the teenage comedy ‘Tizlene’ is over

Marta Elina Martinson’s teenage comedy is over after an intensive 26-day filming period “Kneel“main reception phase.

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As “Delfi” informed the filmmakers, in addition to the actors already loved in Latvia and new rising stars, one peacock, two cats and eight dogs also took part in the process.

The film was shot in Riga and Jūrmala, most of the scenes were filmed at Lielupe Secondary School, where the most authentic environment for the events of the late 1990s and early 2000s was located. The most complicated filming has turned out at Laima’s clock and in the “pit” of the Riga Dome, which no longer looks like 20 years ago, when the most stylish young people in Riga had fun there. Especially for the needs of the film, a room for the main character – a teenager Sarmīte – has been built in the cinema pavilion. The filming took place for two days at the Latvian National Theater, where a visit to the theater of Sarmīte and her schoolmates was recorded. It was a great challenge and at the same time a pleasure to work with animals, which included not only two cats and eight dogs, but even a peacock. The filming team is grateful to the volunteers, who have received a huge response – in total, more than 1,000 applications were received and 470 people took part in filming the mass scenes. To cover the different seasons and close the filming, a couple of filming days are also planned for this autumn.

“Each day of filming offered its own challenges, but at the same time it was the funniest summer of my life. It was an opportunity to immerse myself in memories of the turn of the millennium and remember how intense the emotions were during my teens. For me, this film is about friendship, self-acceptance and courage. We play different genres, whaling the imagination and at times stepping away from reality, because adolescence is most related to fantasy – the desire to escape from everyday life, dreaming about what life will be like next. I try not to lose this dreaming and fantasy in adulthood, because it is an endless and unparalleled source of inspiration or inspiration, “reveals the film ‘s director and screenwriter Marta Elīna Martinsone.

The main roles in the film will be played by non-professional actors, who will make their debut on the cinema stage – Asnāte Sofija Rožkalne, Katrīna Dambeniece, Ludmila Karpova, Mārtiņš Aigars Ziedonis, Mārtiņš Zeps, Kristaps Tutāns, Gerda Embure, Terēze Anna Pogiņa, Elizabete Liepa.

The film will also feature such well – known Latvian actors as Guna Zariņa, Imants Strads, Daiga Kažociņa, Ģirts Krūmiņš, Marija Linarte, Mārtiņš Kalita, Inga Siliņa and others. The musicians and director of the legendary group “Jumprava” Aigars Graubs and the musician of the youth supergroup “Singapore Satin” Jānis Krīvēns also played roles in the film.

The film “Tizlenes” is produced by the studio “Ego Media”. The cinematographer-director of the film is Aigars Sērmukšs, the film artist Aivars Žukovskis, the costume designer Jūlija Volkinšteine, the make-up artists Zane Žilinska and Tamara Koubova, the actor selection director Gunita Groša, the producer Guntis Trekteris and the executive producer – Inga This is the first feature film for director Marta Elīna Martinsone. Marta Elīna Martinsone’s short film “Viesturs Kairišs comes out of the forest” (2018) won the “Big Kristaps” award in the category “Best Student Film”, but in 2019 she and Alisa Zariņš received the “Big Kristaps” award for the best screenplay for the feature film “Next “(2019).

It has already been reported that the film “Tizlene” takes place in 1999, when three 9th grade students – Sarmīte, Sveta and Katrīna – decided to put an end to their teenage life and become the school’s most popular girls. Filming was started for the first time in January this year, but was temporarily suspended due to the state of emergency in the country. It is planned that the film will be shown in Latvian cinemas next spring.

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