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The General and Legal Secretary of the Institute, Rogerio Castro Vázquez, delivered the first deeds in the new Yaxnah Residencial development.

The confidence that the new administration of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) has regained towards society has generated that this year, even with a pandemic, a high placement of credits was achieved, declared the General and Legal Secretary of this dependency, Rogerio Castro Vázquez.

During the delivery of deeds in the new Yaxnah Residential development, to the west of this city, the official explained that some states of the Republic managed to reach up to 98 percent of the goal of generating new mortgages, which speaks of a strong dependency “Now he is on the side of the workers.”

In this framework, it is also fair to recognize the effort made by entrepreneurs in the housing construction industry because, although a difficult outlook has arisen, they decided to continue investing, stressed Castro Vázquez.

Prior to the signing and delivery of the deeds to Mr. Saulo Ahuran Hidalgo Serra, the General and Legal Secretary announced that in February the working groups will begin to define the operating rules of the new programs that were created from the reforms to the Infonavit General Law, which was approved unanimously in December.

The General Director has asked me to coordinate these tasks, which must conclude on April 14, so, “I will be very busy from February to April, and possibly I will not visit Yucatán, but I will think a lot about how to support the state so that these new credits benefit to all Yucatecans, workers and their families ”.

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Among the new benefits is that people will be able to decide where to buy their home, if they do not want to live in a new subdivision. Also, they can build on land, remodel a home or use the balance of their account, once their mortgage is paid, to improve or buy another.

Another advance is that the delivery of the credits will be simpler, direct and without intermediaries. There will no longer be so much obstacle so that they do not have to go to the so-called coyotes. This will help end this bad practice, he said.

Infonavit is no longer managed as a financial entity only, but we have recovered its social meaning, because historically it emerged that way, as a struggle by workers to strengthen their right to housing. We do not want to be a burden on the shoulders of the workers.

Residencial Yaxnah, whose meaning is “green place”, is a project of 560 homes that prioritizes respect for the environment, through reforestation, since practically all its sidewalks have wells for trees.

The event was attended by the delegate in Yucatán of Infonavit, Ángel Armando Alonzo Xacur, and the representative of Aspire Vivendi Development, responsible for the subdivision, José Benjamín Paredes Camino.

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