The MacBook Air and Pro 2020 have problems with USB 2.0 devices

Several users MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13-inch, launched this year back a bug related to the management, or rather mismanagement, of the USB 2.0 devices connected to their machine via a USB hub-C. so random and impossible to reproduce, the accessories will stop working. For example, in the case of a USB mouse-a USB audio interface and an external monitor in the HDMI connected to the Mac with a USB hub-C, the first two seizures occur while the stream HDMI continues to be distributed between the computer and the secondary display.

Users have tried to reset the SMC, reboot safe modeto repair the volume with disk utility, reinstall macOS Catalina, some have even exchanged their MacBook in the Apple Store… But nothing. Including try several hubs different. Only the model CalDigit Thunderbolt 3very complete but also not given, seems give them a break.

Apple, challenged by the many owners of these Macs, is certainly aware. It is to be hoped that a fix is in development and that it will be quickly offered.


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