The M 5.2 earthquake shook the Banten well


An earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 5.2 occurred in Sumur, Banten. Earthquake no potential for a tsunami.

“No potential for a tsunami,” BMKG wrote on its Twitter account on Saturday (12/17/2022).

The earthquake occurred at 04:50 WIB coordinates 6.25 south latitude-105.04 east longitude. 75 km NW of Well with a depth of 10 km.

BMKG explained that in the first few minutes after the earthquake, the earthquake parameters could change and could not be accurate, unless the seismologist had reanalysed them.

It is not yet known whether there were any casualties or damages from the earthquake in Sumur, Banten. At 05.06 WIB BMKG updated the earthquake strength to M 5.2.


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