“The Luxury Trap” – Shain Thomas: – This is how it goes after the “Luxury Trap”

After more than 20 seasons with “Luksusfellen”, several of the participants have been surprised when they get an overview of their consumption. Among these we find the model Shain Thomas Jellum Gundhus (41).

Gundhus was involved in the first episode of last year’s season, where he received the shocking news that he had NOK 700,000 in debt.

The money disappeared mainly for online shopping and it was revealed that in just three days he had managed to spend 30,000 kroner on clothes.

That surprised economists Hallgeir Kvadsheim (51) and Cecilie Tvetenstrand (42) most was the fact that Gundhus actually had a pretty decent economy in the first place.

He had worked as a model, a job he mostly earned 1.5 million kroner on. Still, the money disappeared into thin air.

FYFAEN: The couple in “Luksusfellen” get a shock when they see how much they have in debt. Video: Viaplay
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Now Gundhus can tell Se og Hør that he has applied the lessons from the episode and reduced his debt to 250,000 kroner. He has done this, among other things, by getting a stable job.

– Right now I work in child welfare, drugs and psychiatry. When I have the opportunity and time, I paint pictures. I actually get orders from different galleries, so it goes well, he says enthusiastically.

In “Luksusfellen”, the 41-year-old was open about the fact that his face tattoo put a small stop to the model assignments. He tells Se og Hør that he has now put his modeling career on the shelf a bit, as he has to prioritize jobs where he earns well.

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And the face tattoo? Yes, it’s almost gone.

ALMOST GONE: The facial tattoo on the right cheek is soon history.  Photo: Screenshot / Viaplay

ALMOST GONE: The facial tattoo on the right cheek is soon history. Photo: Screenshot / Viaplay
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– There is only a small line left. I have not had time to take the last line due to work, but it is on its way away!

In addition to getting rid of much of his debt, Gundhus has taken control of his daily spending. Now he even has money left over that goes to savings.

– There are so many superficial things, so I think it is important to do things that have real value. For example, that I paint, I get very happy about that. It is much more important than anything else. In the industry I am in now, it is easy not to think about the economy and just burn everything up, he tells Se og Hør.

ENERGY DRINK: In this episode of “The Luxury Trap”, we witness dizzying sums that go to dizzying amounts of energy drinks.
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To all who are struggling with the economy, he has a clear appeal:

– Being down to earth and humble makes it easier to have a good economy. It is important to hold back a little and look forward in time.

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