The lucky charms (with error) by Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo

Finally here we are: the 2023 edition of the San Remo Festival. The curiosity that revolves around the event is always a lot, even in terms of fashion. Singers and guests will give us looks that will make us discuss for weeks but this year, in terms of fashion, the character that arouses the most curiosity is undoubtedly Clare Ferragni. The influencer in his television debut (and what a debut!) Will co-host alongside Amadeus in the first and last evening. It was she who revealed that on stage she will wear the creations of Dior e Schiaparelli. A few days ago she landed in Liguria and she never missed an opportunity to share her days in detail with her followers.

TV debut

Chiara Ferragni, her lucky charms for Sanremo 2023
Chiara with Gianni Morandi and Amadeus

Clare Ferragni she never hid how the TV scared her. She was born as an influencer (but in the meantime she has built a multi-faceted empire) she has always kept away from the small screen. After years of courtship, Amadeus he managed to convince her and now there is very little left, in a handful of hours we will see her on the most famous stage in Italy, that of Ariston. Her friends and collaborators have gathered around her, to incite and support her in this very high moment of her career. At a dinner in Milan, prior to her departure for Sanremo, Chiara received a myriad of lucky charms from her loved ones: let’s see them in detail.

Incense and drawings

Chiara Ferragni, her lucky charms for Sanremo 2023
The beauty charm

It’s the same Clare Ferragni to let us know what gifts he has received from friends as a good omen for his participation in the San Remo Festival. On the piece of furniture of the luxurious Ligurian villa where she resides, Ferragni has placed all the lucky charms. There is no shortage of drawings by her children, Leone and Vittoria, and an ironic note from her team. To relax, there are sticks of palo santo, a tropical tree which, once burned, promotes inner harmony and drives away negativity. There is also room for scented candles by Diptych, engraved with the phrase “Amicetti always by your side” (friends always on your side). In the images you can also see sachets of chamomile and air fresheners.

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The necklace… with the mistake

Chiara Ferragni, her lucky charms for Sanremo 2023
Unmissable necklace

However, the gift that most arouses the curiosity of fashionistas Clare Ferragni he wears it around his neck. These days two yellow gold necklaces are the inevitable touch in the influencer’s looks: she changes one outfit after another but never gives up on the soulful accessory. On a relaxing Sunday in the villa, for a walk along the seafront, meeting with Amadeus e Gianna Morandi and even as soon as she wakes up (where she wears pajamas from her line Chiara Ferragni Brand), the colliers are always there.

Chiara Ferragni, her lucky charms for Sanremo 2023
“Because Sanremo is Sanremo”

The first choker, shorter, boasts a horseshoe-shaped pendant, a superstitious object par excellence. The second pendant, on the other hand, is a rectangular medal with the inscription “Why Sanremo is Sanremo” engraved on it. An iconic phrase, which has now entered the collective imagination. However, there is a small error in the words: “perchè” is in fact wrongly accented, with the grave “e” instead of the acute one. Oversight of the jeweler or friends? Nothing tragic, it is still a welcome and auspicious gift. Good luck Clare!

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