The Love-Rooms, a new El Dorado? Couples come to take refuge there to escape an oppressive daily life.

The renters are looking for a new professional activity there, and hope for a more than lucrative real estate profitability. Good, very good. And love in all this ?

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To live happy, live hidden ? the saying goes. Boosted by confinement, for the past few months, the trend of love-rooms has exploded in France. We would count 69 in New Aquitainefor the moment.

The concept of these rooms designed, furnished and decorated to seduce lovers comes from popular motels in brazil and loves hôtels from Japan.

What does this phenomenon tell us about our society? Can the “self-confinement” of the couple in these intimate settings, outside the home, save love? Or is it just a new type of high-end stay?

What couple of lovers has never organized or at least dreamed of going on a “trip for two”? Both of us will be fine, we hum a familiar tune

Swallowed up by routine, monopolized by children, pressured by work, the couple flourishes better in spaces that are reserved for them.

The furnished tourist accommodation sector has long appropriated this need for romantic escape. The love-rooms push the concept a step further (or even several) and capitalize on this increased desire for one-on-one.

At the heart of this market, the search for sensuality holds a preponderant place, if not central in some rooms.

Figure almost imposed in these locations : a spa area… whether it’s a balneo bath for two or a Jacuzzi, relaxation involves a moment shared in the bubbles, set up as a symbol of relaxation.

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Another equipment that wants to be top-of-the-range: the bed! It is given pride of place in a King size, Queen size or round bed version and embellished with romantic or naughty touches (rose petals, mirror on the ceiling, light atmosphere… it can go as far as the bondage accessory).

Some rental companies also offer a whole range of erotic gadgets. Briefcases for hire or sex toys to take away.

These places are sometimes nestled in old barns or agricultural outbuildings. One or two rooms, windowless or almost, cleverly furnished and decorated, accessorized. The important thing is less the view of the outside than the variety of interior occupations… Swings, tantric armchairs, pole dance bar, even Saint-André’s Cross, once the door is closed, everyone is free to try these possibilities that cannot be found in “classic” places to stay.

Poitevin sexologist Philippe Arlin displays a certain skepticism in the face of this concept, which is too sexualized for his taste. For him, and the couples in difficulty that he accompanies, this atmosphere of performance displayed in the smallest details of the decoration can be counterproductive. Romanticism and intimacy are already in themselves a favorable and revitalizing context for the balance of two. It is better not to put too much pressure on sex.

For those who are more comfortable with their sexuality, such places prove to be playful grounds. All ages are potential clients, from the youngest couples, discovering each other and their own sensuality, to more experienced lovers in search of renewal or thrills.

The guest books are also full of happy comments and other proof of this enthusiasm, the reservations are always full!

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golden rooms

On average, the night is around 200 €. A good profitability for these few square meters sometimes located in remote countryside. For renters, it is an effective selling point away from any tourist attraction and a real estate valuation that allows a much faster return on investment than a monthly rental could offer.

Many have also carried out the work themselves, finding in the process a new professional activity, more in line with their desires or life project.

Do love-rooms give as much love and happiness to those who rent them as to those who prepare them?

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