The loudest human being is already known and sexually transmitted diseases in “Hotel Romance”: this was “the smartest human being in the world”

The loudest person in the world is already known. Prem Radhakishun is back in “The Smartest Man” and hasn’t gone unnoticed. Eight more episodes to conquer Flanders with his brutal charm weren’t present. But once again the Surinamese-Dutch columnist left an indelible impression.

The winner on Monday night:

Who will do anything for Bart Cannaerts’ winning streak? The comedian and presenter played bossy, as always, and scored his fifth win by a wide margin.

The loser:

Prem Radhakishun fought his memory all evening and didn’t go beyond two EU capitals starting with the letter “B” in the final. Lotte Vanwezemael finished coldly.

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Newcomer on Tuesday Night:

VTM journalist Julie Colpaert, who participated twelve times in 2018 and broke the record at the time.

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From the best quotes:

Prem Radhakishun: (on his opponents) “So Bart was on the jury, he came in as a presenter last year and is now there for seven episodes? I know you are corrupt, but this is pure fraud.


Van Looy:(against Philippe Geubels) “You entered it Romance in the hotel do you suffer from viruses? “

Geubels: “A lot of sexually transmitted diseases. But Sven de Leijer and I took antibiotics. “


Geubels:(after a question about horses) “I used to work in a riding school”.

Van Looy: “For real?”

Geubels: “Yup. Horse-time.”

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The best moment:

It took 20 percent more time to think as a person over 60. Recommended for young people: “Always vote, otherwise you are an asshole.” And he tagged the entire editorial team of The smartest person how stupid. Even nine years after his last pass, Prem Radhakishun has been raging in the studio. But in the middle, he also provided an emo moment. “I love it. Thanks for making me come again. This is the best TV show I’ve ever been on.”

The ranking

1. Bart Cannaerts (8 episodes)

2. Jonas Geirnaert (5 episodes)

3. Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

4. Jelle Cleymans (4 episodes)

5. Lotte Vanwezemael (3 episodes)

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