The Lotus Type 132 reveals active aerodynamics, radar and a tilting display

The carmaker has published another video, in which it reveals the interesting facts of its upcoming electric SUV.

The days when the Lotus carmaker resisted electric cars and SUVs are a thing of the past. Despite the emphasis on light weight and fun, the traditional British brand had to go behind the wheel with trends that ideally command the production of electric SUVs. It is now being developed under the name Lotus Typ 132 and will be introduced next year, but before that the brand offers us a few tastings.

These are presented through a video that lists or shows the human senses and movements and at the same time adds to them the equivalent of Lotus Type 132 project behavior. other attractions.

Subsequently, the video shows the sight, or the term “see”, after which it seems that the sensor on the roof of the car tilts, into which the radar, or LIDAR, could be integrated to support autonomous driving. An electric SUV could thus support at least a semi-autonomous ride.

However, the carmaker does not forget about its sports roots and, after an English word for “stretching”, shows the active aerodynamics of the body and probably the extension of the rear spoiler. The word “awaken”, ie “waking up”, is followed by a shot of the infotainment screen, which will probably rise from the minimalist dashboard after unlocking or starting the car.

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The Lotus Type 132 will obviously be a technology-charged electric car that will not forget to refer to the brand’s famous sports history. However, we will probably have to wait a while for more details. After all, the performance is scheduled for spring 2022.



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