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The longest day of the yr and the start of summer season 2024. When does summer season begin?

On Thursday we welcomed astronomical summer season. Its starting is marked by the summer season solstice, the earliest in 228 years. The longest day and shortest night time of the yr are behind us.

Astronomical summer season began on Thursday June 20 at 10.50 p.m. This occurred when the Solar was on the level of Most cancers – it was towering at its zenith over the Tropic of Most cancers, i.e. the tropic furthest north of the equator. This yr’s solstice falls exceptionally early. That is the earliest solstice recorded since 1796.

Yearly, the summer season solstice is well known on the stone circle of Stonehenge, close to Salisbury, England. On Friday, crowds watched the primary summer season dawn across the prehistoric construction.

This was the start of the primary day of summer season at StonehengeReuters

The longest day in 2024 – when is it?

The summer season solstice is the time of the longest days and shortest nights within the Northern Hemisphere, with the size of day and night time various relying on what a part of the nation we’re in.

Within the northernmost elements of our nation, the longest day of the yr, i.e. Thursday, June 20, lasted about 17 hours and 20 minutes, and within the southern fringe of Poland – 16 hours and 13 minutes. Then the times will change into shorter and the nights longer.

The night time from Thursday to Friday was the shortest of the yr. On the northernmost level of Poland – on Cape Rozewie – it lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes. The typical size of this night time in Poland was 7 hours and quarter-hour.

Calendar summer season 2024 – when does it begin?

Nevertheless, the start of summer season will be outlined in a number of methods. The calendar summer season historically begins on June 22 and, as yearly, it’s going to final till September 23. It is a interval of the yr established by meteorologists, launched to make it simpler to check observations made somewhere else.

Meteorological summer season begins annually on June 1 and ends on August 31. This date is the results of the findings of meteorologists and climatologists who divide the yr into 4 seasons: spring, summer season, autumn and winter.

Stork calendarMaciej Zieliński, Małgorzata Latos, Adam Ziemienowicz/PAP

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