The Long Strained Relationship Between Prince Harry and Prince William: From Eton to the Royal Fallout

For years Harry and Guillermo were thick and thin. Or so it seemed. The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex went through a complex process together that included the separation of their parents (with the rivers of ink that that entailed) and the death in tragic circumstances of his mother, Princess Diana. The youngest of the sons of Carlos III was
best man of the eldest, something that was repeated in reverse when the redhead married Meghan Markle.

Everything seemed to flow between the two couples so well that the press baptized the quartet (to the three mentioned we added Kate Middleton) the Fab Four, that is, the fantastic four. And then came the problems. Although, for Harry, those problems may have started from
A long time ago

The estrangement between the two couples started shortly after the former American actress came into the life of the Windsors. Tensions began, the rivalry pointed out and increased by some media, the coolness of good vibes,
the Megxit, the departure of the Sussexes from the royal family, the interview with Ophra Winfrey, their new life away from the United Kingdom, the documentary, the book… All wrong.

Meghan and Harry became increasingly isolated from the prince’s family to the point that the duchess stayed home for her father-in-law’s coronation, a historic ceremony followed by millions of people around the world and with a small number of guests. She could have been one of the chosen ones, but
decided to stay in his mansion with his kids.

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That rudeness and the fleeting passage of Harry himself through the most important ceremony in his father’s life, that of being crowned king in front of the senior staff of the reigning monarchies, was only
the last straw which was overflowing long ago. The attempts at rapprochement between the two parties do not seem to be such, and from time to time trumpets sound from one side and the other: whether Princess Ana could serve as a hinge between the two brothers, whether Mike Tindall (integrated into the royal family but with very good relations with the Sussexes) I could do the same… But things remain the same.


One of the last images of the princes of Wales and the dukes of Sussex together. /


One of the last times that Guillermo and Harry staged a public event replicating the cordiality and camaraderie of yesteryear was in July 2021, when they inaugurated
the statue in memory of his mother that that year he would have turned 60. The image, which represents the princess with a boy and a girl, is located in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace. Surely, that image brought back vivid memories of her mother, but also of her childhood. And that is where, according to the words of the Duke of Sussex himself, everything could start.

How his time at Eton marked the relationship between Guillemo and Harry

The King’s College of Our Lady of Eton, commonly known as Eton College, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in England. Located very close to Windsor, Prime Ministers such as David Cameron and Boris Johnson, and members of British royalty such as Princes William and Harry have trained there.

As the Duke of Sussex explains in his famous autobiographical book, it was there that the estrangement from his brother began, which Guillemo himself fostered. At Eton, the Prince of Wales seemed to feel like a fish in water while little Henry didn’t quite fit in. Everyone tried to encourage him by saying that he would find support and comfort in the eldest, but the words of the future king of England were not what he expected: «You don’t know me. Me neither”. In Harry’s words, his sister was trying to distance herself from him because “she was making a life for herself and she wasn’t going to give it up.”


Princess Diana with her sons, William and Harry. /


Before Harry came to Eton, William had been making his own way for two years, unencumbered, with no one to care for or bother him: “No little brother was with him, pestered him with questions, pushed his social circle. he was forging
His own life and I was not willing to give that up,” he explains in his memoirs.

“(Guillermo) always hated it when someone made the mistake of thinking of us as a pack… It was a pain in the ass for him to wear the same jacket, same tight shorts as me. And now, attending the same school, it was
a real ordeal… I told him not to worry. I’ll forget I ever knew you. But Eton was not going to make it easy. Thinking of being useful, they put us under the same damn roof, “Harry explains in his book.

His attempts to fit in at the new school lead Harry to shave his head. One day, a colleague tells him that his hair is a mess and suggests that he cut it to get rid of that “mat of weeds”, as he recalls in Spare. “I didn’t want to quit,
wanted to be a cool guy», confesses Harry to justify himself. The reddish tufts fall to the ground. When he looks in the mirror he discovers, with horror, his hairless head. His colleagues laugh and desperation rushes him to his brother’s room to seek comfort, but he only finds
laughter and reproaches: «You shouldn’t have done that», his brother tells him,

During those school years, fights between them are quite common. Harry has related some of them, traveling with his father in the car on the way to Scotland. “We started fighting, and soon we were rolling back and forth, trading blows,” he explains. “Dad pulled over to the side of the road and yelled at Guillermo to get out of the car. I? Because I? He turned on me, furious. He felt that I got away with it,” Harry recalls. «He got out of the car and went to the backup with all the bodyguards. He buckled up and the march resumed. He occasionally looked out the back window. Behind us, he could make out the future king of England,
planning his revenge».

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