The Lodosa txikis will be able to see the Three Kings in the bullring

lodosa – The txikis of Lodosa are not going to stay without seeing the Three Wise Men and it is that, as they explained from the City Council, they have decided to open wide the doors of the bullring, and in this case, and to ensure that no one is left without seeing them, they will make two shows, at 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. In order to enter it will be necessary to withdraw a ticket in advance.

In this case, reported the Deputy Mayor Lourdes San Miguel, they have organized this meeting taking into account that the maximum capacity, as the norm now sets, is 400 people.

The passes will have to be collected physically at the Tourism office on Monday and Tuesday morning and only girls and boys registered in Lodosa up to 12 years old can do so, a total of 640, as pointed out by San Miguel. For this reason, and so that no txiki is left out, the idea is that only one family member goes with the little ones to the venue.

The ticket, concluded, will cost one euro since the idea is to donate the money raised to the NGO La Esperanza de Lodosa, specifically to the project they have against child sexual exploitation in Fortaleza (Brazil).

In the bullring, the txikis will be able to see Herod’s castle, the Bethlehem portal and Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar from the stands. Unlike what happened in the fronton other years, this time they will not be able to go down to pick up their trinkets or to speak with Their Majesties.

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other formulas In other municipalities they have opted for different formulas to preserve the illusion of this important day and in the case of San Adrián and Sartaguda, after the good result of the Santa Claus and Olentzero parade, they have decided that the Three Wise Men travel all the streets. From the organization, yes, they urge the neighbors not to follow the parade and to see it from their balconies.

In addition, in the case of Falces, the Kings will not go down the slopes of Salvador but they will go through all the streets of the urban area.


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