The locations of two more Burger King restaurants in Riga – Latvia have been approved

Estonian ferry operator Tallink Grupp plans to open two more fast food restaurants “Burger King” in Riga, the representatives of “Tallink Grupp” informed.

The company was informed that in addition to the fast food restaurant “Burger King”, which is planned to open in the shopping and entertainment center “Akropole” at the end of this year, the fast food restaurant is planned to open in 113 Vienibas gatve by the end of this year. street 14.

“Currently, active work is underway on the design and equipment of restaurants, as well as the development of procedures and staff selection for the successful start-up of restaurants in Akropolis and Vienibas gatve, while complying with all current safety regulations and measures,” said Katre, Tallink Grupp Spring.

She also noted that the fast food restaurant on Vienibas gatve will be the first “Burger King” restaurant in the Baltics, where a cash register will also be available.

With the opening of the respective three restaurants in Riga, it is planned to create about 100 new jobs.

According to the company, it is planned to open more than 40 “Burger King” restaurants in the Baltic States in the next five years. It is expected that by the end of 2020, there will be eight restaurants in the Baltics: five in Estonia, two in Latvia and one in Lithuania.

It has already been reported that last autumn Tallink Grupp acquired the franchise rights in the Baltic States for the global fast food chain Burger King.

Tallink Grupp shares are listed on the official list of the Tallinn Stock Exchange. The company’s largest shareholder is the Estonian investment company Infortar, which owns 39% of Tallink Grupp’s shares.

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