The Local Police of Cartagena intensifies control efforts to stop the COVID infection curve | Radio Cartagena

The Councilor for Security of the Cartagena City Council, Juan Pedro Torralba has reported that they will carry out advisory and support work, not sanctioning the hoteliers of the city after the entry of the new regulations to stop the coronavirus.

Furthermore, we continue to punish those who do not wear the mask or do not comply with the regulations, “explained Juan Pedro Torralba.

The work has been intensified especially in areas where the incidence of the virus is being higher, such as in the Peral neighborhood and in San Antón.

Civil Protection has intensified its informative work, touring the streets of the most affected areas, reminding residents of the mandatory use of the mask, to maintain safety distances and to carry out proper hand hygiene.

This message is broadcast in Spanish and Arabic to reach the largest possible number of citizens, according to municipal sources.

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