The living water gushing in a church in Tarnovo turned out to be very dangerous

The water in the painting room and the chapel “St. Georgi ”at 6 Nikola Piccolo Street in Veliko Tarnovo is unfit for drinking and poses a risk to users. This alarmed in a letter to the District Administration and several other institutions the director of RHI in the old capital Dr. Evgenia Nedeva, they said.

“In the Register of public facilities controlled by RHI – Veliko Tarnovo at the above address is not entered as a public facility water source for drinking and household purposes, so we do not have information about the type and origin of groundwater used in the painting “, The letter says.

It explicitly warns that the use of water from an uncontrolled water source, with claims to healing properties and poor microbiological and chemical results on indicators of unconditional health significance poses a health risk to users. Given the results obtained, etc. “Living water” should not be used for drinking and household purposes, including drinking, washing, contact with skin and mucous membranes, etc.

“In connection with the above, please take action on the competence to immediately stop the supply of water from the water source to the painter for drinking and household needs and its provision to third parties,” wrote Dr. Nedeva to the District Administration, Basin Directorate “Danube Region”. , the mayor of the boyar town, the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and the District Prosecutor’s Office.

On 16.05.2022 by employees of the State Health Control Department in the Public Health Directorate an inspection was carried out in the drawing room and the chapel “St. Georgi ”with sampling from the place of water leakage. The tested water sample does not meet the requirements of Ordinance №9 on the quality of water intended for drinking and household purposes in terms of microbiological and chemical indicators (promulgated in the State Gazette, issue 30/2001), as follows:

on the indicator Escherichia coli – 5/100 CFU / ml, at a rate of 0/100 CFU / ml;

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by coliforms – 17/100 CFU / ml, at a rate of 0/100 CFU / ml;

by indicator Enterococci – 1/100 CFU / ml, at a rate of 0/100 CFU / ml;

by indicator nitrates – 60.82 mg / l, at the norm (50 mg / l), according to protocol №402-ХВ, MBV / 20.05.2022 of the LIC at RHI – Veliko Tarnovo.

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