The little boy who united Serbia has arrived in Budapest, or should SMA also be curable in Serbia?

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Gavrilo’s parents, who suffer from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), said on Twitter that after raising the money needed for the treatment, they had arrived in Budapest, where the examination of the little boy from Kragujevac at the Bethesda Children’s Hospital had already begun. About 2.1 million euros, which were needed to heal the little boy, were raised by the parents from a donation to perhaps two of the most famous footballers in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi too. The missing amount was eventually paid by the Serbian government. After Olivér Pál Gajódi, Gavrilo Đurđević is the second little boy in Serbia to receive gene therapy in the Hungarian capital this year.

Serbia is united

According to Blic in Belgrade, eight-month-old Gavrilo managed to unite Serbia and everyone was pleased with the news that the money had been raised for the world’s most expensive drug, Zolgensma, which will cost more than 700 million forints.

Our friends! We arrived in Budapest, where the first analyzes began. Gaša is fine and we are waiting for the results. We hope that everything will go well and that Gavrilo will receive the Zolgensma at the beginning of June. Follow the situation and be with Gavrilo, because you are the “Guardian Angel”.

The boy’s parents posted on a Twitter profile titled “For Gavrilo’s Victory”. The little Serbian boy is being treated at the Bethesda Children’s Hospital.

She arrived with her parents last night. A separate group of specialists was formed. You have to go through a lot of tests to see if you can get gene therapy as soon as possible. Bethesda Children’s Hospital is committed to running these tests promptly so as not to waste time. I don’t want to make any guesses about the dates, but I expect very good news about Gavrilo’s condition by mid-June

Said Dr. Borbála Mikos, chief physician of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care medicine at the Bethesda Children’s Hospital, in a statement to the Serbian state television.

Where should SMA patients be treated?

This question arose even before the money had been collected. Aside from the Bethesda Children’s Hospital, Slovenia was the other option, but the Slovenes asked for more to do gene therapy.

Before going to Budapest, the eight-month-old boy’s mother had another wish – in addition to the recovery of his child, of course. Nevena Đurđević wants the treatment of SMA to be introduced in Serbia too, and she has asked the Serbian authorities to do so.

This situation has shown that from the beginning we have particularly good specialists and doctors at Gavrilo, who are no worse than the doctors in Budapest or Slovenia, and these two countries are no further developed than Serbia. If God wants it, the next child with this disease in Serbia should be cured

Asked Nevena Đurđević, whose eight-month-old son has been treated for muscle wasting from the spine since the beginning of the week in Budapest exactly on Tuesday.



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