The limited series Ferraris are produced in 499 pieces and not 500, which is a marketing genius

Have you ever wondered why series Ferraris are not fully produced? This is a marketing genius of the Italian house.

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The Ferrari has always been one of the most major automotive companies in the worldand like all follows some own marketing linesper entice customers. One above all that uses the Italian houseis that of produce the cars in a number never full. A ingenious which also shows the Why this home is so far. But let’s see the reason so it does it, and it has how much gain leadssince many ask themselves.

Let’s find out this strategy

The house in Maranello factory for its cars of normal seriesalways 499 auto. The question everyone asks is why do not produce 500? Wouldn’t that come with the costs? You don’t have enough raw materials for the request? There answer is nothat is, it is none of them, and it really is simplethe reason. To produce cars close to one full figurewithout doing it, leads people to believe they are even more special.

Ferrari the dealership
Photo of a Ferrari dealership implementing this marketing strategy –

Also, it leads people to believe, that run out very quicklysince the number is associated more towards the 400 units. This will lead people to book immediately to be sure you have the means. Ferrari so it will succeed in short time a to place its cars, it must also be said that the number is on reservations. Le Ferrari are booked, to then have the changes that the customer requestsdifficult to buy key in hand.

Does it work with all cars and especially all homes use it?

As said before, this one strategy it is used on Ferrari with more marketnot those a special edition. This strategy applies in short periodalso because, then they exceed each other le 499 units for that specimen. Serve a far increase demandinstantly, but then they can to manufacture e see around more. Obviously, if we are talking about alimited editioneverything changes, there the examples are fewand they have very high costs and are born for be unique.

Ferrari the flag
Ferrari and only a few other manufacturers can afford these strategies –

Ferrari it’s not the only house that uses this marketing strategybut it is obvious that those who follow him have gods very similar parameters a lei. Le luxury homes can play on these numbersma case which, like objectivethey have big sales no. Examplethe McLaren can use this ingeniouswhile Hyundai nobecause his scope is that of maximize a very large number of cars sold. Now you understand why the Ferrari produces that number by car? Don’t worry that even if you know it now, if you can afford it, you will run to buy it anyway.

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