The limit is also exceeded for Bonolis’s wife: “I find only mints”

New week and new “monsters” from the web. There is no day off for the serial haters who target well-known characters. The roundup of insults, replies and offenses returns punctually as every Wednesday and sees new VIPs who, driven by the ardent desire to defend themselves, have let out spiteful answers to the limit of decency. And between a “vaffa” and a “sticazzii” to fall into the trap of the hater this time there were many.

Starting with the much discussed Lady Bonolis. The presenter’s wife Paolo Bonolis certainly does not enjoy the favors of social media, where it often is targeted for its exclusive lifestyle. To rekindle the hatred towards him this time was a photograph in which Sonia Bruganelli she showed herself wearing a hat, sending a message to her followers: “What’s under the hat?“. An image that has sparked the hilarity of many fans and that has put it in the crosshairs of the usual haters.”We hope not to find only lice …“, replied a follower, serving Sonia Bruganelli the right answer:”Ticks are easy to find during this time“. But we always talk about insects.

It got worse at Belen Rodriguez that – poked several times from a follower – in the end he didn’t hold up and blurted out. The Argentine showgirl has “thrown up” all her disappointment under her latest post, leaving everyone speechless. “Belen and his famous tu / vos used in the circumstances! Looks good on everyone huh? If you want we can add much more to the “you” list, to start with the “I like how you see me”, but I repeat the list is long. Don’t be foolish as we understand each other“, he wrote a hater several times in response to his post. Repeated comments that have brought Belen to the limit, inevitably exceeded:”But get a life. Why don’t we do something? Since you make a thousand fakes every time to piss me off whatever I do, it will mean that you have an incredible interest in me! I invite you to have a coffee at my house and I want to see if he tells me all this bullshit to my faceā€¦ meanwhile you know where I live!“The fight has just begun.

Who should have made the “callus” and instead always falls back is Laura Chiatti. The beautiful Umbrian actress when they touch her body just does not hold. Woe to tell her that she is too thin. She has tried them all, saying that she eats, that she likes herself like that and that that’s her ideal weight, but haters don’t “let go”. “You are a bit thin … The face nothing to say, very beautiful, the boobs you have redone, the rest like the legs are too thin. There’s nothing wrong“, a user wrote her under an Instagram post and she found nothing better than to reply:”The ass? All right?“. Under whose turn it is.

To close the circle on the true face of VIPs is Elena Santarelli. It had been a long time since the showgirl had been missing from social media with stinging responses aimed at the usual web critics. Two Instagram followers thought of making her return to the “tiger” of the past. “Great covert advertising ….“, a fan pointed out to her under one of her posts. And she couldn’t help herself:”No phenomenon, it is not hidden advertising! I don’t invoice and I don’t take a euro. Now go to sleep peacefully go!“. There are those who find time to discuss even grandmother’s donut:”The servants will have done it“. And open heaven:”Darling but do you realize how ancient your language is? The servants? And then do you think he has the bridesmaid and the jester at court and that he has the red carpet in the house? Listen, stop making these so trivial notes, you broke up and a lot! Now can’t you even be honest and say that a donut wasn’t made by me? Are we joking?“.

And who tells him now to Santarelli, Chiatti and the others that next week we will still be here with insults and insults?

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