The light of Taiwan!Lotte Girls invited to kick off in Korea

▲The light of Taiwan! Lotte Girls was invited to kick off in Korea. (Photo / provided by Rakuten)

Win glory for Taiwan’s cheerleading goddess group! Rakuten Girls’ exclusive cheerleader team, Rakuten Girls, is the captain and vice-captain Daiying, members Linda and Ni Xuan were invited by the new sponsor brg card identification company this season to visit South Korea and are expected to go to the home of the Rakuten Giants. LOTTE GIANTS (Lotte Giants) kicked off at home, opening an important first step for the international exchanges of the Momoji team in the post-epidemic era.

brg Card Identification Co., Ltd. is a card identification company that starts from South Korea and looks forward to the whole of Asia. It attaches great importance to the international exchanges between Taiwan and South Korea. Through the exchanges between the Lotte Girls and the Lotte Giant cheerleaders who are very popular in Taiwan and South Korea, Taiwan and South Korea will be promoted. friendship between.

Basket, Linda, Ni Xuan and Daiying will depart for South Korea on the 24th (Wed) and participate in the LOTTE GIANTS event on the 26th (Friday), serving as guest performers and kick-off. At the beginning, LOTTE GIANTS dispatched head Zhao Zhixun and captain Park Qiliang Come to Taiwan to participate in the Peach Ape team theme party, and now the Peach Ape team is paying tribute.

It’s not the first time that the captain basketball team has performed abroad on behalf of Rakuten Girls. She once visited the Saji Stadium in private to watch the cheerleading performance. She praised the Saji Stadium for being really good. Linda participated in the exchange competition with Nippon Ham and opened at the Sapporo Dome. After playing the ball and joining the cheerleading team, I have always heard that the home of LOTTE in Busan is known as the KTV of Busan. Daiying has the experience of performing in Sapporo Dome, but it is the first time to visit South Korea with the official. Her and Ni Xuan’s kind smiles are bound to be loved by Korean fans.

The sponsor of this trip, brg, said that there are actually many places on the sidelines of LOTTE GIANTS that are familiar to the Peach Ape Team. LOTTE GIANTS adapted the Peach Ape Man to let Korean fans sing and cheer loudly. The team leader Zhao Zhixun and the cheerleader Park Qiliang , An Zhiyan are the favorites of Lotte Peach Ape fans. In recent years, due to the influence of online media and Lotte Girls’ photo cards selling overseas, Lotte Girls’ popularity has been increasing day by day. The arrival of Lotte Girls is expected to set off Taiwan and South Korea again. The popularity of the professional baseball cheerleading team! The basket, ready to kick off, said, “Korean fans! Lotte Girls are here! Fighting!”

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