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The light of hope that comes from the north

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A bathtub adds a little salt to the sea water in case it is missing. A woman whose job it is to make hotel rooms sparkling every day distributes chocolates around the rooms in a wheelbarrow. He supports them with precision on the pillows. She is happy. An elegantly dressed young man gestures for silence and draws the attention of visitors who break the rules in a museum. The room is completely empty. An aspiring heartthrob practices English on the street. It has more sympathy than good pronunciation. No matter. Their hospitality is far above technicalities. He is only heard by his German sheepdog, who pretends to understand. A bartender very young he makes a drink with care. When he’s done, he turns off a timer and smiles. It is on time. Simultaneously with that last scene, a voice-over says: “It has been a long year, but we have stayed in shape”.

The film cuts through very dynamic scenes of what can already be seen in the streets, on the beaches and in the local restaurants. The voice of the announcer returns on the basis of a Jazzera music in the style of the golden 20s (nothing is accidental). Without any euphemism that would lead to confusion, and going well to the point, the announcer finishes: “Now that Tel Aviv is vaccinated, all we have left is to practice for the real. Tel Aviv, we are getting there. And you?”. To top it off, the swimmer tests the water and calms down. It’s already salty enough.

Israel will allow tourism to all vaccinated foreigners as of May 23. It has already vaccinated 63% of its population with at least one dose. The contagion and death curve has fallen sharply. From April 18 it is not mandatory to wear a chinstrap on the streets. Introducing the commercial, the Tourism Minister said: “It is time for Israel to enjoy the advantage of being a safe and healthy country.”

In another hilarious movie a smartphone in a Swiss cabin. From his apartment in New York, Robert De Niro calls Roger Federer. The intersection of these two glories of so different fields guarantees one of the most complex things in today’s communication: attracting attention.

Who won one of his two Oscars for The Godfather II He tells the eight-time Wimbledon champion that he won’t be able to do what he asked. The talented tennis player does not understand why. His idea was for De Niro to film a short that would show the beauties of his country and how much fun he can have there. Surely the government would pay him a very good cachet. But the legendary actor rejects the proposal. And he does it emphatically. No matter how hard Roger tries, he can’t convince him.

Finally, he surrenders to the argument of that mature, good-natured and genuine man, who in the best style of his character in Fashion intern He treats him with affection and respect, but he stands firm and does not renounce his convictions. In a hilarious scene, he stands at the desk and in addition to the elegant sweater and sweater that were already seen, it is seen that he is wearing colorful swim shorts (or are they underpants?). Advantages of video conferencing. And he says: “Look where you are Roger. You have mountains, ski resorts, charming villages, green valleys, There’s no drama, there is no drama of any kind. Roger, because of the way I act, I need to be on the edge, conflicts, dangers. Switzerland is simply too perfect. The Swiss are too kind. I have to be honest with you, it’s not going to happen. ” And he concludes with an irony: “Maybe you can call [Tom] Hanks”.

The advertisement closes with beautiful images of the Alps with an overprinted text showing such a strong message like the Israeli: “When you need a vacation without drama, you need Switzerland.” The movie is called “No Drama.” After all, we’ve had too much of that.

On the weekend of May 1, the British authorities decided to do a test in the English city of Liverpool. They opened the Circus nightclub. Those who attended had to prove reliably that they did not have coronavirus. They arranged for its full capacity to be used: 3000 people. In the call it was stated that neither masks nor social distance would be necessary. The party was from 2 pm to 11 pm. “The first dance” (The first dance). Those who were there spoke of to feel “in a parallel reality” or to “travel in the time machine” and return to 2019, when the pandemic did not exist. Some believed that there would be no one. Others, that it was false. The “madness” was total. The DJ who owns the place said that when he played music he could feel an unprecedented release of energy among the people. A 21-year-old finally titled what the vast majority felt. He expressed in a strange mixture of joy, melancholy, nostalgia and euphoria: “It’s amazing to be back”.

In Great Britain, more than 52% of the population has already been vaccinated with at least one dose. As in Israel, contagion and death curves fell as steeply as they had risen at the time.

“At a time when there is so much evil on this broken planet, we all long for healing and justice for humanity. My goal was to make music that provides comfort”. With these words, the popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber presented on March 19 of this year his latest album, Justice. Last Thursday, May 6, he moved the board of the global entertainment business by announcing 50 live concerts with an audience that will begin in San Diego, United States, on February 18, 2022.

The four commercial actions are literally happening now. To many they may seem trivial. What sense does it make to think about these things when Argentines are crossing what is probably the darkest hour of the pandemic? The preliminary advances of the qualitative study of social humor that we systematically carry out in Consultant W, and that we will conclude this week, show a society that is on the antipodes of the events reported. Restlessness spreads, enthusiasm has disappeared, there is no capacity to see any kind of future, joy has disappeared. Sadness, pain, reluctance and boredom dominate everyday life. People feel crushed by overwhelm and oppression that seem to have no end in sight. For Argentines, today the crisis is “total.” It surpasses everything known.

“We already learned that the northern hemisphere anticipates six months what will then happen in the southern hemisphere”

From economic, political and even social crises we could give classes in a master’s degree. But added to that, the addition of a health crisis that takes away sleep and an emotional crisis that is wreaking havoc within families are becoming too much. It is precisely in these devastating moments that I think it is worth raising your gaze and spirit. We have already learned that the northern hemisphere anticipates what will happen later in the southern hemisphere by six months.

More than 20 years ago, Malcolm Gladwell, one of the most influential contemporary thinkers, published the book that brought him to fame: The turning point: how little things can make a big difference. In precisely that book, surely without imagining the disaster we are experiencing, Gladwell made a comparison between the way in which viral epidemics spread and how social phenomena spread. A seemingly insignificant movement could suddenly multiply exponentially, changing patterns of behavior deeply rooted in the culture.

It would give the impression that tipping point (key moment, tipping point) is beginning to occur in the vaccinated world. As the virus spread, signs of the end of the pandemic could begin to spread. Scenes and actions such as those detailed are highly likely to multiply in many countries as immunization plans advance and summer approaches. One day, when it no longer seems so distant, they will say “finished”.

Today we are, unfortunately, very far from all that. We have to cross a long and pitiful tunnel. Now that we are overwhelmed by grief and we need more courage than ever, it may help us to know that others are closer to achieving it.

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