On August 7, the band will start their 40th anniversary concert tour in Latvia with a concert on the Saulkrasti stage. “Aeolian”. In total, the tour will include 12 concerts and will run until mid-November.

“Eolika” is one of the very few Latvian bands, the core of which has remained unchanged to this day, which is still actively performing and whose fans include at least three listeners of different generations.

The anniversary concerts will feature mainly the band’s most popular songs, as well as the band’s founder Boris Reznik’s new work dedicated to the anniversary “We are together again”. Along with the great popular quartet, there will also be a brass ensemble led by saxophonist Zints Žvarts and an instrumental group led by Jānis Miltiņš.

Olga Rajecka: “The most important thing is that we are still together. I am proud of that. It will also give us a lot of vitality, a desire to live. It is no secret that our team has had all kinds of health problems, but the song has cured it all. The most important thing is that there are concerts, that we are in circulation, that we are in demand. Also in various youth clubs, where we are sometimes listened to by three generations. Young people know the words, young people sing along. “