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The legend of rock music underwent a serious operation

Rock legend Ozie Osborne underwent serious surgery on Monday, June 13, according to the Daily Mail.

The world-famous singer’s wife Sharon Osborne reveals that the operation will significantly affect and change the musician’s future life. He underwent serious spinal surgery.

Ossia Osborne has been plagued by various health problems for some time.

The famous musician was last seen in the public in May, when he was completely tired when he left the house and could only move with the help of a cane.

“[Ozijam] there will be a very big operation on Monday and I have to be there. It will really determine his future life, “the musician’s wife told The Talk. She went back from London to Los Angeles to support her husband.

Ozie, 73, has Parkinson’s disease. In 2003, after a quad bike accident, he suffered an unpleasant fall and moved the metal bars in the spine.

Some time ago, a spokeswoman for Ozia Osborne mentioned that the singer was seriously injured at home three years ago, so a new back or neck operation was being prepared.

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