The legend is confirmed, Michael Jackson did the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Yuji Naka has put an end to more than 25 years of mystery. The creator of Sonic is outraged on his social networks in front of the last compilation game of the character, the remarkable Sonic Origins, because in it the soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has been changed. he so disturbed? Because as Naka himself admits… the original was made by Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson in video games

Ever since the game was released in 1994, rumors of a connection between Michael Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 have continued. The singer has always been an avowed fan of video games and, for example, of the three episodes of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker which were released for DOS, arcades and the Master System. Three games in which the King of Pop has signed as designer and composer. Based on the homonymous film, Moonwalker, they were a gentle me versus side-scrolling action neighborhood in which an attempt was made to rescue, through music and dance, of course, several youngsters kidnapped from the clutches of the dreaded Mr. Big.

But that wasn’t Michael’s only cameo in the industry. If in the Moonwalker saga we moved to the beat of Beat It and Smooth Criminal, in other games like Space Channel 5 and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 we also did the same thanks to Jackson’s various cameos. But not content with his crosses in his own works and collaborations, the artist also wanted to collaborate with the character in fashion at the time: Sonic.

The romance between Sonic and Michael Jackson

An absolute fan of the blue hedgehog, there are many photos of Michael Jackson visiting Sega’s offices in Japan. Images in which he appears accompanied by illustrious figures such as Mark Cerny, or playing the great classics of the time, such as Power Drift and Galaxy Force 2.

Given how interesting it was and the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 included period composers such as Bobby Brooks, Brad Buxer, Cirocco Jones, Darryl Ross, Doug Grigsby or Geoff Grace, how the hell did Sega want to make us to think that the opportunity was not as raised?in Michael Jackson? The company repeatedly denied it, it didn’t even appear in the credits, but there weren’t a few users who found reasonable similarities between songs like Jam and game tunes like Carnival Night, or between Stranger in Moscow and the credits of the game. .

Michael Jackson didn’t like the result of Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Brad Buxer himself confirmed in a controversial interview that yes, indeed, if we noticed the imprint of the King of Pop it is because he had participated in it. “We wrote the music, it’s true. Michael called me to help him with a project and I did. I didn’t play it, so I don’t know which songs remained at the end. But yes, we wrote the music. ”

Many fans were reluctant to believe it because, so what was the reason for excluding it from the credits? Why did the game’s producers refuse their collaboration? According to the wonderful article Michael Jackson: The Video Game Conspiracy, it seems that the singer became dissatisfied with his work and removed his name from the game’s credits. Jackson didn’t like that they had to compress the music to make room for graphics, as the mix didn’t sound the way he wanted and he had to cut several tracks where the singer had even done some beatboxing. The report assures that Sega got mad at him for this and started stating afterwards that they threw everything away.

Sega Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Yuji Naka’s statements complete the story. They confirm what the report contained and what Buxter said. Both hints seemed solid, but Sega stuck to their guns when they came out and never officially acknowledged the collaboration. The company assured that the two things did not constitute proof of anything. But how were they going to discredit the very leader of Sonic Team? Farewell to the Unknown: The most famous musician in history and the most famous video game mascot of the 90s were best friends.

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