The legend fell apart while remembering Maradona. He couldn’t hold back his tears. “I can’t take it anymore” [WIDEO] Pi³ka no¿na

Death Diego Maradony many people around the world are experiencing it. Not only does it bring fans together, but tears can also shed football legends while performing live on TV.

They revealed Maradona’s last words before her death. The nephew heard it

Goycochea cried on TV remembering Maradona. “I couldn’t understand it. Sorry.”

Like Sergio Goycochea, who v the frame Argentina was at the World Cup in Italy in 1990 and four years later in the USA. Sam was famous for defending penalty shots. – Sorry, this is stronger than me. I didn’t want to cry because it can be perceived as a theater, but I lost a piece of my life. I couldn’t understand it when I saw him in the coffin. It was impossible, he had so much energy in him. I can’t take it anymore. Sorry, said the legendary goalkeeper on Argentinian TV.

Goycochea played for the Argentina national team from 1987-1994. In total, he has 44 matches to his name. In 1990, he won the runner-up in the world, while in 1991 and 1993 he won the Copa America. He defended the colors of River Plate Buenos Aires, Millonarios Bogota, Stade Brest and Newell’s Old Boys.

Diego Maradona's coffinA scandal before the funeral of Diego Maradona. “I don’t know why they do this to me”

Maradona died on Wednesday November 25 at the age of 60. The cause of his death – as reported by CNN – there was acute secondary pulmonary edema leading to worsening of chronic heart failure. He rested next to his parents, Don Diego, who died in 2015, and Dona Toty, who passed away four years earlier, in the Jardin de Paz cemetery on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Only the relatives of the deceased participated in the funeral services.

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