The Legacy Lives On: The Family Resemblance and Talents of Yevgeny Leonov and His Son and Grandson

The similarity of the son with the famous father is also striking.

Yevgeny Leonov was a brilliant actor and just a wonderful person. His character and kindness were legendary. And these traits were fully inherited by his son and grandson. By the way, like the appearance of the famous father and grandfather. It is simply impossible not to notice the family resemblance in everything. But at the same time, there is still one cardinal difference between a grandson and a star grandfather.

Yevgeny Leonov was madly in love with Andrei’s only son. He took an active part in his upbringing and supported him in everything. When the heir decided that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, he helped him with work in the cinema and with work in the theater. Leonov saw himself in his son, both externally and internally. However, soon the care of the father began to seem superfluous to the son. And he decided to break free by marrying a girl from Chile.

However, this did not quarrel father and son at all. And until the very death of Yevgeny Pavlovich, they had an excellent relationship. Soon after the wedding, Andrei had a son and he named him Eugene, in honor of his dad. It is interesting that the grandson went to the Leonov family. There is a family resemblance both externally and in character. The parents of Leonov Jr. broke up pretty quickly. And the mother and son left for Switzerland, where Eugene lives to this day and works as a translator.

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