The Lebak Bulus Infiltration Well is Paved, the Provincial Government Moves the Water Hole to the Edge of the Road


Closing infiltration wells from Jl Lebak Bulus III, South Jakarta, is now paved. Furthermore, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will move the hole where the water enters on the side of the road.

“(The water hole) has been marginalized, the mouths of the water will be made later,” said Head of the South Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-dept. Mustajab when contacted, Friday (12/3/2021).

While the asphalting activities have been carried out since yesterday (2/12) night. Mustajab said the service provider only wanted to pave the area around the infiltration well cover.

After considering the road structure, the asphalt was finally carried out along Jl Lebak Bulus III.

“At that time the provider asked for half. If the half will be different in height, sir, it will be an accident. It’s been (finally) done” layer all,” he explained.

Mustajab ensures that the water absorption hole will be moved to the roadside immediately. He also guarantees that the performance of the infiltration well will not be disturbed because the road is paved.

“If later this provider will be handled by the service. I ask for it to be immediately (moved),” he said.

As is known, Jl Lebak Bulus III, South Jakarta, was damaged due to the construction of infiltration wells. Now the surface of the road where the infiltration wells are all covered with asphalt. Do Your Magic monitors Jl Lebak Bulus III, South Jakarta, Friday (12/3/2021). The asphalt surface at the location of the road body, which was originally damaged due to the capping of the infiltration well, is now smooth. Asphalt looks dark in color, signs are still new.

The function of infiltration wells is to absorb water so that there are no puddles or flooding, so that the water entering the infiltration well can be forwarded to the soil layer that is able to absorb water. In order for water on the streets to enter infiltration wells, of course you need holes.

But now the cover of the infiltration well has been paved. Are the holes still there?

Based on monitoring, some of the infiltration well covers that have been asphalted no longer have water holes in the road.

The location of the infiltration well which is paved and now without a water hole is near the Sumber Kasih Congregational Church, near the Dahlia House Town Housing, and near the Winville Residence.

However, in the same location, some were given holes even though they had been covered with asphalt. This hole in the asphalt is the diameter of an adult’s thumb. There are six small holes in total. There are no significant problems felt by the motorcycle wheels when crossing this hole, because this hole is quite flat without bumps or hollows.

Watch Video: Sighting of Infiltration Wells in DKI that Makes Roads Cracked-Wavy

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