The least expected defense: Jake Paul and an unusual statement about Canelo Álvarez

The name of Canelo Alvarez gives something to talk about in the boxing universe. There are many professionals who dream big of being able to see each other’s faces in front of the Mexican on top of a ring. In this way, a fighter who on several occasions came out to question the man from Guadalajara, supported one of his recent decisions.

This is Jake Paul, a YouTube star who threw himself fully into this activity. In one of his recent public appearances, he stated that Canelo Alvarez must face the best in this sport, which is why he maintained that current world middleweight champion should not accept the offer of Kamaru Usman, figure of the UFC.

Jake Paul debuted as a professional in 2020

“He has to fight the two best in his sport.”

It should be noted that, a long time ago, the one born in Guadalajara He had spoken out against the possibility of colliding with men who had started outside this discipline, since they only look at the money that could enter their coffers. His challenges would seem to be oriented along other paths.

While all these statements are commented on through social networks, Canelo Alvarez He does not lose his center and dedicates himself exclusively to what are his last preparations for the duel on May 7 against Dmitry Bivol. The Mexican will step into the ring for the first time this year and hopes to rise to the occasion.

Bivol’s message a week after facing Canelo

The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas will be the venue in which the Mexican and the Russian will face each other in search of determining the new WBA champion in the middle heavyweight category. A few days after this evening, the Guadalajara’s rival made new public statements and left a controversial message that had a great impact among the specialists of this sport.

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