The leading actor admitted everything about the people’s artist

The host-actor Sarkhan Karamoglu confessed about the people’s artist Melakkhanim Eyyubova. SIA reports that the actor spoke about this in the “Zaurla Gunaydin” program. He said that the singer repeatedly gave him a large amount of money.

“I said that something needs to be done, he took it out and gave me 10,000 dollars. He often made such gestures to me. Once we were filming in Turkey. She was wearing a long dress, she couldn’t walk, I helped her. I said, look, I’ll come and lift Malakkhanim’s clothes. He came back saying that Karam never gave you 10,000 dollars. He once gave 20,000 dollars. When his son Jafar went to the army, he told me to take his car and drive it. When Jafar comes, I will buy him a new one.”

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