“The leadership made a mistake in handling the Tharoor issue; MPs should be stopped’ – Shashi Tharoor

Thiruvananthapuram – KPCC officials accused the party leadership of making a mistake in handling the Shashi Tharoor issue. It was expressed during the meeting that the process of banning Tharoor was incorrect. The meeting also established that he should not have been banned.

Meanwhile, the meeting also called for the state leadership to be ready to stop the MPs. The position of some parliamentarians who are no longer contesting cannot be accepted. TN Prathapan was also criticized for mentioning the MP’s name during the council meeting. The meeting also asked the KPCC chairman to warn the parliamentarians about it. The final decision on the issue of MPs will be made at Thursday’s executive committee meeting.

The meeting clarified that there was no irregularity in the Rs 137 challenge presented as part of the party’s anniversary. Six crores of rupees were awarded in the challenge. Some have concocted stories linking Pratapachandra’s death to the challenge. The 138 rupee challenge is coming soon. The management of the KPCC office will change drastically. Some employees will be fired.

English summary: KPCC Meeting Discuss Shashi Tharoor, Deputies Issues

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