The Lawyer Expresses Disappointment with Prosecutor’s Absence in Trial of Cursach Case Instructors

The Lawyer Expresses Disappointment with Prosecutor’s Absence in Trial of Cursach Case Instructors

The lawyer of Judge Manuel Penalva and the prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subírán, Javier Barinaga, regretted this Thursday that the prosecutor Tomás Herranz did not attend the trial session against the former instructors of the Cursach case and in which the defenses have to present their conclusions. “It pains me that prosecutor Herranz does not appear here today. I’m sure he has some good reason. I have listened carefully to all the interventions in recent days,” he indicated at the beginning of his presentation in which he asked for the acquittal of his clients. .

Barinaga has begun reading his conclusions by apologizing to all the parties, the court and the representatives of the Public Ministry in case at any time during the trial “it was considered that there was a lack of respect.”

In his report of conclusions, the lawyer has argued that the investigation of police agent Iván Bandera started from a “capital” event, which was the tapping of the journalists’ mobile phones after which the agent gave a statement voluntarily. “If there had been any indication they would have had to testify in the presence of a lawyer,” he added.

From the voluntary declaration to the arrest, he stated, investigators Juan Márquez and Juan Palomo only cross-check data from the information they have extracted from the journalists’ invoices and the journalists’ cell phones. “That was an act null and void,” he said.

At the same time, he has insisted that the seizure of Iván Bandera’s mobile phone was irregular, as stated by the lawyer who assisted him, “who is still on duty out of pure vocation.”

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The trial against the investigators of the Cursach case, including former judge Manuel Penalva and former prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subírán, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office requests 118 and 121 years in prison, respectively, faces its final days with the defense reports.

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