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A new format of summonses is handed out in Ukraine. The previous form of subpoenas is no longer valid.

The lawyer spoke about the difference between the new ones and the old ones during the mobilization in Ukraine.

This was discussed in comments lawyer Alina Bali “Public”.

According to the expert, the issue of agendas in Ukraine is regulated by the appendix to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. It has separate provisions for new data required to arrive on a call.

Alina Balya said that the list of documents required to arrive at the call has now been expanded.

New agendas: what has changed

According to the lawyer, the agendas of the new format specify that you need to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with you. In the previous sample, it was not specified which country’s passport should be.

Now you need to have with you a certificate of assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer’s registration card.

In the previous version of the agenda, a citizen must arrive at the district (city) territorial center for recruitment and social support. And now the list of bodies where it should appear has been expanded. In particular, to the bodies of the SBU, units of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

What is the penalty for not arriving on call?

“The new form of the summons provides for the possibility of being held liable for non-arrival on a call without good reason. The old-style summonses warned of the mandatory prosecution provided for by law,” the lawyer added.

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Balya also recalled that, according to the law, administrative or criminal liability may arise for ignoring the agenda.

“It depends on the number of times a person avoided arriving on a call,” said Alina Balya.

Severe punishment is imprisonment for a term of three to five years.

Recall that the evader from the Cherkasy region faces five years in prison for failing to appear on the call.

We also note that upon returning home, men of military age who were abroad can be brought to administrative responsibility.

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