The Latvian singer, who has suffered from violence, reveals how she is doing after divorce from a friend

Singer Elizabeth Tindemark, better known by the stage name Katy Tindemark, on the social site Tik Tok openly admitted that she had suffered violence in relationships. Now it is understandable that the singer has divorced a friend and gone to Sweden.

The divorce is evidenced by the singer’s video, in which Tindemarka orders food. Elizabeth added a comment to the video: “The moment when you don’t have a friend … and all this has to be eaten alone”.

Last week, Tindemarka released a video from the airport, which reveals that she is going to Sweden with her daughter. The singer will spend several months in Stockholm, but promises to return to Latvia.

Already reported that Tindemark has published several videos on the social site TikTok, which openly talk about the violence experienced in a relationship with a friend.

“I can’t always be physiologically ready for intimacy with him. And yesterday in the same voice I tried to explain to him that it hurts me … it hurts physically …. But he immediately became aggressive and I couldn’t do anything. Absolutely inadequate person , “Tindemark reveals and points out that events have progressed so far that he has been forced to call the police. She also emphasizes that she did not provoke her friend to do so.

The musician, however, indicated that he would not write an application to the police because he did not want “drama” and still loved the man.

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