The Latvian musician is going to recover compensation from Italy – Celebrities

As for the “What’s New?” explains Rumpane repeated court Rumpāne pleaded guilty to the fact that Rumpāne had not been warned that proceedings had been instituted against him. As a result, she herself could not influence or use anything in her defense.

In an interview, Rumpāne says that there is still a lot of uncertainty about her detention, so she is going to recover compensation from Italy. “That would be fair. (..) I couldn’t keep in touch with my family for five days, my parents were almost confused by the excitement. I don’t want to leave it that way because a lot of money has been spent, even loans taken, “Rumpane remembers the events.

We remind you that Rumpāne was detained in Italy for more than a month because in 2014 she drove without a ticket on public transport and did not reveal her identity. After his release from prison, the musician was under house arrest in Rome and has now returned to Latvia.


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