The Latins are called to vote in the elections on Tuesday

“Go vote. In this country, the future of communities is decided at the polls, ”said the speaker.

A few days before the mid-term elections in New York, encouraging Latins to go out and exercise their vote was the mission of elected officials along with community organizations, including NALEO, the Hispanic Federation, Latino Justice and Dominicans USA on the outskirts of Hostos Community College in the Bronx.

And thus to remind the Latin community of the importance of voting, which for Emma Narváez, an 18-year-old student, who voted for the first time with early voting, is of vital importance.

“Some people think their votes don’t matter and they don’t do anything, but that’s not true, that’s not true. We all have to amplify our voices if we want situations and everything to improve, “said Emma.

It is estimated that 29% of New York’s population is of Latin descent, making it one of the strongest communities not only in the city but also in the country.

According to Janet Peguero, vice president of the county, the county of the Bronx plays an important role by having the largest population of Latinos in the city.

“Today we have 350 thousand Latins registered to vote, which becomes 48 percent, almost half of the entire county of the Bronx. But today, unfortunately, when we see the numbers of the ‘early vote’, of the early vote, we no longer see 23. % of people who have already gone to vote early, one of the lowest in the entire city, “said Peguero.

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For Juan Rosa, NALEO’s National Director of Civic Participation, empowering voters by providing them with information on election procedures and other details is key when they go to the polls.

Rose. NALEO.

“The Latins were the community most affected by the ravages of covid-19 in terms of job losses, loss of life. Our city, our state are still recovering from the ravages of covid and it is important that the Latins they vote for the people, the candidates who provide solutions to the problems they have, “Rosa said.

The polls will be open from 6:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday 8 November. To find out more about when and where to vote and how to fill in the form in Spanish, you can visit the site the same as the NY1 News Voters Guide.

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