The latest report on the epidemic situation in Chongqing: 62 new local cases confirmed

Chongqing held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control on December 4. Below is a summary of the key points:

62 new confirmed local cases and 1371 asymptomatic infections

According to Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, from 00:00 to 12:00 on December 4, there were 62 new local confirmed cases in Chongqing (32 of which were asymptomatic infections converted to confirmed cases); new local cases confirmed asymptomatic infections 1371 cases.

Closed venues such as gaming and gaming halls, cinemas, indoor swimming pools, Internet cafes and screenplays will continue to be closed and meals will be suspended

Li Pan said that since December 1, the total number of high-risk areas in Chongqing has dynamically decreased for three consecutive days, with a total decrease of 2,177. urban area and 277 outside the core urban area. For low-risk areas outside high-risk areas and normalized prevention and control areas in central urban areas, reduce crowding and orderly flow Enclosed places such as gaming and gaming halls, theatres, indoor swimming pools, the Internet cafes, screenplays, etc. continue to suspend business and catering is temporarily suspended.

There are currently 1,050 convenient nucleic acid testing points in the core urban area to meet the needs of citizens who want to be tested

In view of the fact that many citizens reported that there are relatively few nucleic acid test points and the queue time is relatively long, Li Pan introduced that the Chongqing Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters attaches great importance to it and the district and county epidemic prevention and control headquarters also timely action. As of 10:00 this morning, 11 districts in the core urban area have added a corresponding number of convenient nucleic acid testing points. There are currently 1,050 convenient nucleic acid testing points in the core urban area. According to statistics, the current number of convenient nucleic acid test points is basically the same as the number of nucleic acid test points in the core urban area before November, which can meet the needs of citizens willing to do all inspections.

The opening rate of merchants on Ziwei Road exceeds 80%

According to Li Jingwei, the operations manager of Ziwei Road Commercial Street, Longta Street, Yubei District, currently the opening rate of Ziwei Road merchants is over 80%, and the flow of consumers and people has also recovered significantly .

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