The Latest on the Physical State of Giovani dos Santos

One of the contracts that generated the most expectations at the time for Eagles of the America, it was the Mexican striker Giovani dos Santos, which had an excellent track record in Europe. Unfortunately so far it has not had the performance we all expected it to have.

Giovani has missed both matches of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament, due to a problem of muscle overload, something that has been a constant throughout his professional career. That is why many Americanists have already lost faith in him, as many consider that his time is up.

Fortunately, Gio has shown a good evolution in his physical condition and it is expected that he can return to work with the team, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It looks complicated that he can be ready for the game on Friday, but it is likely that he can already play for Round 4 against Santos Laguna.

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