The Latest M 7.2 Earthquake Shakes Peru, BMKG Continues to Monitor A 7.2-magnitude tectonic earthquake rocked the region Peru. The latest earthquake this occurred at 12.02 Universal Time, or 19.02 WIB, Thursday (26/5/2022).

Peru earthquake today occurred at a depth of 233 kilometers.

Until now, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is still monitoring the development of this earthquake and its potential impact on the territory of Indonesia.

Although there is no news about the impact earthquake today in Peru until this news is published.

However, learning from several cases of earthquakes with a magnitude of M 6.0 and above will have the potential for some damage.

This is because with this magnitude it can generally make the impact of shocks or vibrations due to the earthquake.

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Estimated shock earthquake today in Peru can occur with mild to severe intensity, I-VI MMI.

Vibrations due to earthquake shocks with this intensity can be felt by some or all of the residents in the area.

With the highest MMI VI scale, most all of them were shocked and ran out, the plaster of the walls fell and the chimney of the factory was damaged, minor damage.

Even in the worst conditions due to building damage, it can cause injuries and death.

However, the full analysis related Peru earthquake today, it is still being monitored by the authorities.

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