The latest info on the dispute in the Jelgava evening club. The beaten girl will also confront the legislation – Society and politics – Information

According to preliminary data, a movie was posted on the social community Facebook in which a male, a security guard from the night time club “Tonuss” can be noticed beating a woman. The youthful female, born in 2003, went to the reception section of the metropolis medical center in Jelgava for health care assistance, informs the vice president.

At the time, a facility safety guard used pepper spray and punches to avoid a 19-year-old female from traveling to the club.

“Tonuss” club board member Ivo Eltermanis clarifies that the safety guard has been fired. “This appears to be unimaginable and unacceptable to us. We are battling to be a safe position to relaxation. Inspite of the actuality that the younger female spat and kicked the security guard, the steps of the protection guard are unforgivable, she realized the policies”, suggests Eltermanis.

The episode of violence was filmed by eyewitnesses. An administrative investigation was launched from the guard, but the benefits of the health care assessment founded that the girl endured no bodily injuries soon after the combat.

“The expert concluded that there were no physical injuries. The protection guard did not blow the pepper spray into the girl’s eyes, but from a distance, so the result is not so terrific as to lead to eye hurt,” he said. found the police.

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