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Political Center / Reported by Lin Yunxuan

▲ According to 6 Duo’s latest forecast, Hsinchu is temporarily in first place by Gao Hongan (right) with 36.1%, followed by Shen Huihong (left) with 32.5%. (Image / Data screen)

With the 50-day countdown for the 9-to-1 general election at the end of the year, Gao Hongan, the candidate for mayor of the Hsinchu People’s Party, was expelled. Her doctoral thesis plagiarized her relationship during her tenure at the Information Policy Council, causing a series of controversies. According to the latest election rate prediction on the official website of the “2022 Election Thermometer, Praise for Taiwan” of “Internet Thermometer”, Gao Hongan still ranks first in the Hsinchu mayor election with 36.1%.

Despite Gao Hongan having been in a series of controversies, the support rate was not affected too much, and Shen Huihong refuted that he asked Ke Wenzhe to ask for an official to pick up the polls. According to the latest prediction of the “Internet Thermometer” at 11:00 on the 6th, the electoral rate, Gao Hongan was temporarily in the lead at 36.1%, the Shen Huihong Democratic Progressive Party reversed the second with 32.5% and the Kuomintang Lin Gengren was 31.4%. Compared with the expected election rate for October 1, Gao Hongan got 36.3% at that time, a slight drop and the gap was not large, while Lin Gengren 32.0%, Shen Huihong 31.7%, Shen Huihong they reversed and temporarily ranked second.

Lin Gengren was reversed by Shen Huihong and temporarily ranked third with 31.4%.  (Photo / provided by the Kuomintang)

▲ Lin Gengren was ousted by Shen Huihong and temporarily ranked third with 31.4%. (Photo / provided by the Kuomintang)

Furthermore, according to the latest forecast of the “Internet Thermometer” electoral rate, among the six capitals, Jiang Wanan of the Kuomintang is provisionally in first place with 38.4%, Chen Shizhong of the Democratic Progressive Party (35.5%) and Huang Shanshan (26.3%); New Taipei City is dominated by the Kuomintang Hou Youyi with 55.5%. The highest, DPP Lin Jialong 44.5%; Taoyuan is second with Kuomintang Zhang Shanzheng 37%, DPP Zheng Yunpeng 33.1%; Taichung City is temporarily Kuomintang Lu Xiuyan ranked first with 57.9%, DPP Cai Qichang second with 42.1% support The rate; Tainan Citizens Progressive Party Huang Weizhe 48.9% higher; Kaohsiung Citizens Progressive Party Chen Qimai 59.1% ahead of the Kuomintang Ke Zhien 40.9%.

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