The Last of Us Part II, the winners of the photo contest are real artists

A few weeks ago, come on PlayStation Blog contest has started in which the best shots sent by themed players are awarded (with the publication) The Last of Us: Parte II, showing us the best digital photos submitted by users (many of which are true masterpieces).

Now, via Twitter, Naughty Dog announced the winners of the first week, publishing the four shots deemed most valid by popular acclaim (admiring the final result I would say that the victory is more than deserved).

The images, which show various moments of the game (including Ellie’s evocative “space journey”, which the players of the title will remember very well) are really very suggestive, thanks also to the dark filter that makes everything even more fascinating and rich. of charm.

After all, photo fashions are proving to be real sources of inspiration for many budding photographers, as witnessed even a few weeks when we showed you what a professional could do. with in your hands Ghost of Tsushima.

Here is the original message posted by the American developer:

We announce the winners of the first week of ours #TheLastofUsPartII Photo Mode contest! Congratulations to Daniel K and Ariana M., Christian B., and Omar K.

You’ve also read Game Informer recently included The Last of Us Part II among the best games of the year? And that the Naughty Dog title has also deservedly returned tra i papabili Game of the Year for the next Golden Joystick Awards?

If you haven’t already, we also suggest you retrieve ours special opinion titled “After finishing The Last of Us Part II, every game seems uglier to me”?

The Last of Us Parte II is available since June 19 in absolute exclusive on PS4 consoles.

If you are planning to join Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us Part II you can buy the game by taking advantage of the price proposed by Amazon, really very beneficial.

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