The Last of Us Part I For him or for us

Genre of game, action, survival
PS5 platform, PC (coming soon)

PEGI Game Rating: 18 Suitable for ages 18 and up.

A golden opportunity for anyone who is addicted to part 2 of the game and wants to know the story in the first part. But I don’t want to have a headache with old and archaic images and systems. This game is made to suit your specific needs.

I admit that in the past I was the one who was impressed with the game of the year. The last of us drop you too.At that time, I just got a new PlayStation 4 console, so I bought a remastered version of the game disc to play. I guess I’ll just sit there and enjoy it, forgetting that it’s actually just an old game from the PS3 era that has been reworked a bit. while the systems remain the same it will survive across the abyss It is called hothead, I was very disappointed. Further I go back and read the old review articles from those days that united the divinity of it. We become even more deeply rooted as a broken hearted person. but it’s understandable in the changing age Things that were once luxurious It might seem normal nowadays. So to bring those old impressions back into this era. So there was no choice for Sony other than to bring it.Remake with modern technology as a bridge to completely hide the differences between the two games which have been separated for 7 years.

With the age of the two games being different Therefore, it must be reworked to cover those gaps.
For the story, the plot remains the same plot, nothing has changed. It tells the story of the adventurous journey of “Joel” A young man, a goods smuggler who suffered a loss with “Elli” A teenager who holds some key secrets. They both have to fight to help each other get to their destination. among the many obstacles they have faced on US soil. which is currently left desolate and engulfed by nature Due to the mysterious spores that spread through the air, the vast majority of the population has turned into monsters. But that doesn’t even matter the brutal ferocity humans can commit against each other in order to survive.

Joel raises his daughter in the midst of the chaos of the city.

Ellie, a girl with immunity.  (suspected Pfizer injection)

The population is infected Eh !!
First impression when the game opens Of course, everyone will be blown away by the development of the graphics that has made a huge leap forward from the original. Let me tell you that he is very handsome and rich. From character models that clearly communicate emotions through facial expressions. In the background, the surrounding environment full of details, dense trees and grasses filled the space, it no longer seemed so dignified. The lights and shadows, the effect of flowing water are fantastic. Fragments of broken things scattered on impact. Or when the characters plunge into the rain, their clothes are realistically wet. But what we really think is the coolest goes to the spores of the molecule in the beast’s nest. This time it appeared to us as tiny droplets floating in the air and could change color depending on the light shining there. Unlike the original, it was just a cloud of brown hazy smoke that obscured the view that nothing was clearly seen.

The water ripples and becomes more noticeable as you pass.

Clothes and faces get wet in the rain.  She was extremely emotional.

It's not dust, it's not smoke, it's spores (Can I stay here long?

When the flashlight turns on, it turns blue Oh wow.

The trees were densely overgrown.

Many details

Really, another voice confirmed.
The basic game system is still the same as before. That is, we must manage the use of limited resources for maximum benefit. He will not be able to pull the trigger to shoot like a shooting game due to the amount of ammo that is available to collect a little, it is enough to craft, upgrade every time, you have to think carefully Include every type of enemy has different methods of elimination. If he is a human, he can use military tactics to open fire with guns. But if it were a sound-sensitive beast, it would be more appropriate to choose a stealth method to attract them. And along the way, there will always be puzzles to use our brains to continually reflect on. It is said that if anyone is eager to open this remake and hit Start immediately, you will feel that the gameplay is almost no different from the original.

Ammo is limited, headlock.

The new interface of the second part Most of them are handcrafted, but knives and scotch tape are rare.

Crouch from ear to ear to identify enemy positions

Spores are plants, so find the fire!
But wait! If you try to be patient and willing to waste time just pressing a little in the menu options. There you will find many accessibility features hidden and turned off by default. Most of these helpers are features we have already seen in the second game. For example Decreased awareness and accuracy of the enemy. Disable Weapon Shake The hostages didn’t struggle to escape. Delay while aiming to make every shot look good and save ammo. Sonar sound waves scan enemies or resources around them. Which is very useful because you don’t miss out on the important things. Or even the more cheesy help like holding down the O button to disguise invisibility. The enemy cannot see us standing in front of us. still choose to use Do you want it to last forever or temporarily? If you want to help a little, help a lot, you can choose to customize it to your liking without thinking too much about it. Because they are separate aids that have nothing to do with the difficulty level of the game.

Many customization options

If you get lost, press the L3 button to navigate.

Use sonar to determine the location not to be tired

Delay function Very useful for hanging scenes like this.
The Last of Us Part I also includes a redesigned interface menu window to look more organized and easier to use. When upgrading a gun at the mechanic’s table, the disassembly scene of each gun is shown in real time. The frame rate is still smooth, with no jerks, included Thai translation subtitles To complement both sentences, speech and text in various hint documents. Help us feel completely immersed in the dramatic story.Artificial intelligence issues causing headaches Has been revamped and revised. Our friends choose a more sensible stance to hide from enemies and keep the six alert to danger, while the enemy AI seems smarter. Knowing how to hit the back divides the forces to explore Not pretending to be blind, but moving your legs straight back towards us.The Naughty Dogs team listened to the calls from fans and studied their homework very well.

Unload the magazines, remove the stock, scrape the door and reassemble it in real time.

All Thai translations are available.  Read this and enjoy.

Friends know how to avoid imitating us.

Hit the arms very well, make a flower!
After finishing a round You can use the points you collect by playing to purchase items to unlock items. such as artwork, character model puppet artwork to behind-the-scenes video clips of the match and team interviews We can also unlock skins for characters’ clothing. Various game customization options like unlimited ammo and more to motivate you to play the next round, plus a permanent death mode, permanent death, and a quick run timer mode to choose from.

Various character models To view, zoom in, zoom out.

The remaining steps are taken to remove the behind-the-scenes video.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the second game (laughs).

Sit back and watch for two hours.
Additional content Left behind that has been towed You can play them anytime because they are separate saves. There is no need to wait to clear the main sector to finish first. (But beware of spoilers) But unfortunately the online mode Multiplayer In this new version of the remake, it is not included. So he seemed a little lacking and lonely. Let’s just say that if someone wants to shoot other players, suppress their emotions and expect to enjoy a single player online game that will follow in the future immediately.

You can play Left Behind add-on right from the start.  If you are not afraid of spoilers

where is the online mode Dear friend!  (wild since childhood)
“No one can deny that The Last of Us Part I is a complete game in every way and the best choice for a nostalgic glimpse into the past. Especially if you have never tried it before then you should definitely not miss it. Personally, even though I played the remastered version once, I saw the whole story. But this game still offers new fun, feeling a little excited. because with improved gameplay More realistic modern graphics including Thai subtitles At least it helps us to enjoy them more than ever ”.

Game 10
graphics 9
sound 9
Value 8
Overview 9

force: New updated graphics, more beautiful than before, free to customize the gameplay as if we were playing the second part, the AI ​​brains are more intelligent and realistic, the new interface menus are comfortable to use, the Thai translations are easy to use understand in each story, there are many things Unlocks after playing, groups all main and expansion content, takes full advantage of the DualSense joystick features and the actual spores. (I’m really addicted to something ^^ “)

weakness: Missing online multiplayer mode with the value minus the number of rounds you played to complete the original game

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