The Last of Us 2: Leak the Story in the web of frustration for Fans of Ellie and Joel

The Story of The Last of Us 2 is the flagship of the PS4 game. But, in the meantime, massive Leaks of ghosts to the game in the network, it’s extremely frustrating for the players.

  • The Last of Us 2 is the long-awaited new title from Naughty Dog* for the PS4.
  • Only Recently, the Release of The Last of Us 2* for Player moved.
  • Now seem to be a Leak* large parts of the Story revealed.

California, USAThe Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog will have to Players one of the most anticipated games of the year. Recently the release date was The Last of Us 2 due to the Corona-crisis is postponed. Now Sony and must Naughty Dog with a huge Story Leak fight. In the course of the Leaks were Cutscenes and Gameplay of the game loaded on Twitter and YouTube, in the meantime, these Videos were removed.

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19. June 2020

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The Last of Us


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– Spoiler warning –

The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog): Story Leak gives important Details to the story

Player, the History of The Last of Us 2 not Spoiler want to ruin, should read think twice from now on. The Story Leak to see scenes should be between to a Cutscene Ellie and Dina focus. The Material seems to confirm that the two, as already suspected, only friendship.

The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog): Leak Story is a dangerous one for Fans

© Naughty Dog

To see Ellie and Dina during pillow talk, and are interrupted by an unsuspecting Jesse. Naughty Dog put the first The Last of Us a massive focus on progressive and authentically-written characters. It also could The Last of US 2 not much have changed, recently postponed indefinitely* was.

The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog): Tells the Story Leak the turning point of the story?

In addition to the expected, the blossoming Romance between Ellie and Dina the Story Leak in addition to the start screen The Last of Us 2 on the PS4. May the showed Leak however, the turning point of the, of Naughty Dog certainly in the focus provided, Story. Read more Players here, really only on your own risk recommended.

The scenes in the Story Leak show one of the bandits prisoner and beaten Joel. Player the early death of the main character’s feared before. To a secure confirmation of his death with the images but not close, in the course of the character development, the Ellie since the first The Last of Us runs seems, however, this development is more than logical.

The beloved foster father of the young should Ellie in fact, in the early game to die, is not likely to survive his goodbyes without the explicit depiction of violence. Finally, a first classification was already evidence that The Last of U 2 is far more brutal and bloody* fails as of the of critics and Fans celebrated predecessor. Now Fans have the fear, that there is exactly one such Leak also in GTA 6* could happen.

* is part of the Federal-wide editorial network of the Ippen-Digital-Central office


Section List Image: © Naughty Dog

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