The last gift from heaven for fans. Meky Žbirka’s wishes have finally come true

Before he left for the musical heaven last November, singer Miro Žbirka managed to sing twelve new original songs. He composed them over the last two years, and thanks to his son, fans will also hear the new hits. David Žbirka fulfilled his father’s wishes and finished the album Last Things. This closes the singer’s more than 50-year musical journey.

Kateřina Žbirková, her son David, poet Daniel Havier or producer Patrick Fitzroy. On Wednesday, they all helped christen the latest album of the late singer Meky Žbirka, entitled Last Things, in the Lucerna Gallery in Prague. The godfather was the singer Katarína Knechtová, who she covered the plate with white rose petals. It thus recalled one of Mira Žbirka’s most famous hits, the song Biely kvet.

Mira Žbirka’s new album is to be a dignified end to his more than fifty-year career. It contains twelve new Žbirka’s original songs. He worked on them for the last two years, singing them shortly before his death.

The four texts come from the poets Jože Urban, Václav Hrabět and Daniel Havier. The duet of a father and son – the song You’re Not Alone – already scores the most.

It was his son David who worked to complete the work. Together with English producer Patrick James Fitzroy, they recorded the album at the Kok studio in London, which is based in the Musswell Hill district. This is where Meky’s mother came from. The studio is owned by Ray Davies, the leader of Meky’s favorite band, The Kinks, and Christian Wright helped produce the album, with a number of musicians.

“I am especially relieved because it was a project that I have been thinking about every day from the end of 2021 until now. So I feel relieved that it’s finally done and that maybe it turned out well“the album producer David Žbirka admitted to TASR.” From the beginning, it was clear that The album will be rich and colorfulbut I definitely had something to learn, “he said.

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“Being the godfather of Meky ‘album is a huge honor and I’m happy to be. Meky called me to sing some of his songs with him, I was very often a guest when we sang the Ballad of the Wild Birds. Then one day he said to himself why Katka and I are still singing my songs, I should already have a duet with her, “Katarína Knechtová recalled, adding that friendships have been building together for years.

And the widow Katka Žbirková is also proud of the result. “I have to say that I’m very proud, I used to be great with Meky, that he has great songs and that it always comes to an end. But David was surprised and pleased that he managed it and not that he managed it in such a way that he put something together. But that he did it so well. I get congratulations from music publicists who have heard it. I’m very pleased and I believe Meky would be happy to see it“she added.

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